Ryco Dock
Ryco Dock

Structural integrity and durability

Ryco docks were designed to be used in residential style areas. They feature a lightweight aluminum frame and is modular to create the desired dock layout. Easy install aluminum and plastic deck panels simply slide into place and fasten with just a small pin in the matter of seconds. The design features allow the end user to install these sections in numerous different configurations, yet still be strong enough to take on strong storms and high wake situations. Our rigid square tube telescopic dock leg design allows the user to adjust the height of the dock by simply standing on the top of the unit. No need to get into the water to adjust! This all aluminum dock can be used in many different applications. Simply add your accessories like an easy install wheel kit, dock bumpers, benches, and water steps to complete your dream dock arrangement!

Product Details:
  • Marine grade 6063 extruded aluminum material
  • Numerous layout configuration
  • Available in 4x8 sections
  • 30 and 45 degree angled section
  • Custom size sections available
  • Ramp kits available
  • Easy Adjust screw jack style legs
  • Accessories to fit any dock layout
  • Stainless steel hardware kits (no rust)
  • Wheel kits that easily adapt
  • Wide Stance Leg kits
  • 15 year Limited Warranty
  • Installs in minutes
Ryco Dock

Decking Options

Ryco Dock offers several different styles of decking to bring your vision to life.

Ryco Dock
Aluminum Decking

The primary Ryco Dock decking panels feature a rib style aluminum extrusion that provides the unique strength of steel but in a lightweight aluminum version. Combine this rib style panel with a texture powder coat finish of your choice to form the most anti-slip and rigid panel design on the market. Available in gray or special order tan.

Ryco Dock
Plastic Decking

Ryco Dock offers a high quality plastic decking manufactured by Titan Decking. Made of 100% polypropylene plastic, Titan decking will never rot, warp, dent, splinter or bend and never needs painting or staining. It’s UV protected, barefoot friendly decking that stays cool to the touch even in extreme temperatures. Available in gray. Special Order.

Ryco Dock
Wood Grain Aluminum Panel

Ryco Dock offers a wood grain aluminum panel that features the same durability benefits of the primary panel except with the classy wood grain appearance. All wood grain panels are special order. Available in Natural Oak, Knotty Pine, Redwood or Mediterranean Cherry. (Mediterranean Cherry is Limited In Stock)

Ryco Dock


Complete your dream dock with distinctive, useful, or just plain fun custom accessories. Ryco Dock has a full line of accessories to meet any of your needs.

Solar Path Light

Low Profile lights to lead the way
Light the perimeter of your dock with these low profile solar path lights.

Ryco Dock
Screw Adjustable Legs

All of our Ryco docks come with Screw Adjustable Legs. Our rigid square tube telescopic dock leg design allows the user to adjust the height of the dock by simply standing on the top of the unit. No need to get into the water to adjust!

Ryco Dock
Plastic Dock Wheels

Dock wheels can be added to any Ryco dock in the matter of minutes. These dock wheel kits provide excellent stability in water depth of up to 7ft, and make the ease of installation and removal a breeze. When used on a Ryco dock, you can adjust the height of the dock without entering the water.

Product Details:

Ryco Dock
Vertical Dock Bumpers

Ryco Dock offers a vertical style dock bumper. Don't allow your boat or watercraft to sustain any damage using these easy to add bumpers that install in seconds and are fully adjustable along the dock side rails.

Product Details:

Ryco Dock

Enjoy your time with comfort
Add style and comfort to your shoreline with these dock benches.

Product Details:

Ryco Dock

Make getting in and out of the water easier. Our 5 Step Stairs fully articulate to match the water depth and slope of your lake bottom. Available in Gray and Tan

Ryco Dock

Durable, lightweight anodized aluminum ladder that can be added to your Ryco Dock in minutes.

Product Details:

Ryco Dock
Flag Pole

Customize your Ryco Dock with a clean looking flag pole and flag pole holder. Includes a 3' x 5" American Flag.

Product Details:

Ryco Dock


Ryco Customs, LLC (hereinafter referred to as “Manufacturer”) provides a limited warranty for Ryco Dock Mfg. to the original purchaser (herein after referred to as “Purchaser”) of the product or a component of a finished product if produced by a manufacturer approved by Ryco Customs, LLC.

  1. Manufacturer warrants that the product sold is in accordance with Manufacturer’s published specifications and shall be free of defects in workmanship and in material. Provided Ryco Dock product is installed as per the supplied instructions (contact Ryco Customs, LLC., or visit www.rycodock.com, for a copy of instructions if not received by Purchaser), it is warranted that:
    1. Ryco Dock Mfg. aluminum sections will not permanently bend provided the weight capacities have NOT been exceeded per rating of specified model number. (15 year prorated period)
    2. Ryco Dock Mfg. aluminum sections will not rot (15 year prorated period)
    3. Ryco Dock Mfg. aluminum sections will NOT rust, although it is understood that oxidation of aluminum will occur over the life of the product. (15 year prorated period)
    4. Ryco Dock Mfg. aluminum section TIG and MIG welded connections will not crack or break, due to standard use of this marine style product, excluding the case of any natural disaster or misuse of specified product.
    5. Ryco Dock Mfg. aluminum powder coated deck panels and wood grain finished aluminum deck panels are covered under a limited 5 year prorated Warranty, NOT to include misuse of these products. (5 year prorated period)

    These warranties are subject to the limitations set forth in this Warranty document.

  2. Ryco Dock Manufacturing products are approved for the intended application of internal and external in areas without exposure to corrosive chemicals, shall be covered by the following warranty:
  2. Under no circumstances shall Ryco Customs, LLC be liable for special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages including, but not limited to having no liability for damages for personal injury, loss of life, property damage, damage to or loss of product, loss of profits and/ or loss of revenue. The price at which the product is supplied to a Purchaser is in consideration of the limiting of Manufacturer’s liability and the Purchaser’s remedies.
  3. This limited Warranty shall not apply to any product which has been subject to misuse or abuse or due to common negligence or accident, nor shall this limited Warranty apply to any product made by the Manufacturer not used in accordance with the printed instructions and specifications of Manufacturer or that has been exposed to conditions beyond the represented and rated capacity of the product.
  4. This limited Warranty is made only to the original Purchaser and is not assignable or transferrable, nor will it insure to the benefit of any sub-purchaser of any OEM Manufacturer, other than the original retail Purchaser.
  5. The limited Warranty does not cover the use or misuse of any mounting hardware, connections E-channel brackets, nut inserts, or any other hardware used to connect leg units or accessories to a Ryco Dock Mfg. product.
  6. Under no circumstances shall Ryco Dock Mfg. be liable for any misuse of screw jack style leg adjustment assemblies on either A5000 or A7000 Series dock units. These leg units are designed for use with manual operation Ryco Tool Part #T57-900 for adjustment. Warranty will be VOIDED if any electric or battery style tools with associated socket are used to adjust these leg assemblies. Consumer/ Dealer will be responsible for replacement parts needed due to the misuse of this assemblies.
  7. Routine maintenance and checking for loose connections or damaged parts must be performed on a monthly basis. Ryco Dock, Mfg. shall not warranty and cover damage caused by circumstances outside the reasonable control of Ryco Dock, Mfg., including but not limited to, improper use, misuse, abuse, improper installation, overloading, accident, neglect or harmful alteration or repairs made by others, damage by snow or ice, electrolysis, corrosion, natural expansion or contraction of parts or products caused by weather conditions, severe weather conditions, terrorism or acts of God. IF YOU ATTEMPT TO REPAIR OR REPLACE PARTS OR PRODUCTS WITHOUT THE AUTHORIZED WRITTEN CONSENT OF RYCO DOCK MFG. OR USE ANY UNAUTHORIZED METHODOLOGY OF REPAIR OR IF YOU ALTER, MODIFY OR CHANGE THE PARTS OR PRODUCTS YOU WILL VOID THIS LIMITED WARRANTY.

NOTE: Any use or application of this product is subject to local building codes and it is the responsibility of the Purchaser to determine whether this product may be used pursuant to any local building codes.

Manufacturer reserves the right to inspect all product claimed to be defective or damaged under the terms of this limited Warranty.

Manufacturer limits its Warranty for a proven defective product to replacement or credit against further purchases in accordance with this Warranty document. All information and data provided at the time information is supplied by Manufacturer is believed to be accurate and complete. However, all information is provided without any guarantee or responsibility of any kind, expressed or implied. Suggestions or statements concerning possible use of products are made without representation that any such use is free from patent infringement and is not a recommendation to infringe upon any patent. The user must be aware that there are or may be safety measures that are required in the use of the product which are not stated herein.


All decking materials (product) for which a claim is made that is defective in breach of this limited Warranty concerning materials or workmanship , if so determined by the Manufacturer, will be repaired, replaced or given credit toward future purchases at the sole discretion of Manufacturer and in accordance with the proration set forth above. Repair work or replacement of Ryco Dock™ products will be at no charge to the original Purchaser during the first two (2) years and will then be prorated. The original Purchase will be responsible for freight charges to and from Manufacturer. A Purchaser may apply for the benefit of this Warranty using the following procedure:

  1. Purchaser will provide to Manufacturer the original purchase invoice or receipt showing the date of purchase and location of installation , and will send it by Certified Mail to Manufacturer (Ryco Customs, LLC, Warranty Request, 2920 4th Ave., Clear Lake, IA 50428)
  2. Manufacturer must be given an opportunity to inspect all of the Ryco Dock Mfg. products claimed to be defective or damaged for which application is made under the terms of this limited Warranty.

Ryco Customs, LLC must determine that the Ryco Dock™ product is defective and covered by this limited Warranty. If Manufacturer determines it is going to replace the product on a full – replacement or prorated basis, Manufacturer will deliver the repaired or replacement product to the original Purchase at the original site of delivery, or such other locations as the parties may agree upon. Installation and reinstallation are at Purchaser’s expense. Manufacturer will not be liable for any installation or reinstallation costs.

02/17/16 – Ryco Customs, LLC.

Sizing Up Your New Dock

Ryco docks can be configured to meet the most demanding needs. The general shape of your dock is an important factor when deciding the components necessary. There are many ways to set up your dock. You can have a simple straight dock, a patio dock, or an “L” dock. You can also create slips with your layout. The image below has each of these elements included.

Ryco Dock
Can I do a rolling dock?

Ryco docks can be configured to meet any of your needs. Rolling docks are no problem. Each Ryco frame section (4’x8’) can have wheels added to them. We do not connect frames together to make longer sections, instead we simply install wheels on each dock frame. This allows each dock section to be as light as possible and is easier to install and remove. We have wheel axle assemblies that can be added directly to our leg sets. Two axles and two wheels are all that is necessary to complete the system.

How do I determine the length of dock I need?

The length of your dock is going to be dependant on your needs. If you are using a boat lift, you will want your dock to be long enough to reach at least three feet of water depth. If you are not using a boat lift, water depth of two feet is typically sufficient.

What about my lake bottom?

The most common lake bottoms are going to be sand, muck and rock. Ryco docks can be used on any of these surfaces. Sandy bottoms are the best and require no special provisions to set a Ryco dock. Rocky bottoms typically require little additional work to set. Mucky bottoms are the least desirable bottom type for setting any dock. You may need extra large “Muck Pads” to give you more surface area to try to support the dock on top of the muck. You can also let the dock legs settle through the muck if the depth of the muck is not too deep. If this method is used, the depth of the muck must be added to the water depth when determining your overall dock leg height. Any dock that is installed in muck will pose additional challenges when removing and installing seasonally.

How far out of the water should my dock frames be positioned?

Ryco docks should be positioned out of the water about 12”-16” from the top of the water to the top of the dock. This will of course be dependant on water fluctuation. If you live in an area with large wave action or water fluctuation, you will want the dock positioned higher to avoid damage to the dock.

What height leg sets are included with a Ryco dock?

Ryco dock frames are purchased separately from the decking or the leg sets. You need to choose your leg set height based upon your total depth. Total depth would be your water depth plus the depth of any muck you may have plus the height you desire the dock to be above the water.

Water Depth + Muck Depth + Height Above Water = Total Leg Set Height

For example, if you had 36” of water depth on top of 12” of muck and you wanted the dock to be 14” above the top of the water it would look like this:

36” + 12” + 14” = 62” Total Leg Set Height

Ryco leg sets come in adjustable height ranges of:


In the example above, the desired leg set would be the 48”-72” leg set. This is just one of the leg sets needed. Likely you will need several different heights of legs as your water depth will vary from shoreline to the end of the dock. These measurements should be taken every 8’ from the starting point of the dock as our dock frames are 8’ long each.

How much does a Ryco dock weigh?

The Ryco dock frame weighs about 48 lbs. Decking panels weigh about 30 lbs each.Leg sets weigh from 23 lbs to 48 lbs depending on leg height. Most Ryco dock sections weigh 137 lbs complete with decking and leg set. With the decking removed it would weigh 77 lbs for installation and removal..

What is the process of installing and removing the dock with the seasons?

Ryco docks are among the easiest to install and remove. The decking can be removed to reduce the weight of the dock sections. This is particularly helpful when removing or installing the dock yourself. Ryco’s quick attaching system makes separating dock sections a breeze. Simply turn the pinch screws a couple of turns and lift the dock section out. Stainless steel hardware ensures that the pinch bolts will not rust or freeze up.

Ryco Dock

Ryco’s screw adjustable leg sets make leg adjustments hassle free. Turn the screws from the top of the dock to achieve the desired height. You can even make adjustments without getting wet!

Always consult a professional dock installer if you have any doubts about removing or installing your dock by yourself. There are many companies that provide seasonal dock installation and removal services.

How to store the dock during the off season?

Whether you configure your Ryco dock as a stationary or rolling dock, the off season storage is generally the same. The decking should be removed from the dock, stacked up and covered.

The dock frames are then stacked on the shoreline. Wheeled sections typically are set side by side as they don’t tend to stack as well as stationary sections.

Purchasing Process

Please feel free to call us at any time and we will walk you through the entire process!!

715 – 420 – 2442

We make the purchase process as easy as possible. We try to stock the most common dock parts and accessories to make the turn around time as short as possible. Because there are so many different options available, we may not always have what you need in stock. Ordering and transit times vary depending on availability. We try to keep processing times to a week or less. Let’s hit on the major topics of purchasing and installing your dock.

Assembled or Unassembled?

We sell our products as assembled and installed units, unassembled delivered, unassembled picked up, or unassembled drop shipped. The cost of the docks and accessories is the same whether you want it assembled, delivered, shipped, or pick it up yourself. Professional assembly and installation is available for about $125 per 8’ section. Accessories do not have an additional assembly or installation fee when purchased with a dock. Delivery for assembled products is included for local customers. A small delivery fee may be necessary for non-local customers. Unassembled products can be delivered on our usual routes or drop shipped from our manufacturer. Please contact us for more information about delivery of unassembled products.

Please feel free to call us at any time and we will walk you through the entire process!!

715 – 420 – 2442

Here is a brief explanation of each:

Assembled and Installed- This type of purchase is where we handle the entire process for you. You tell us what you want and we deliver it, assemble it, and install it at your location. The dock and accessories costs the same but we charge you for the delivery, assembly and installation. This fee is usually around $125 per section. Having us install your dock for you ensures that you will have a fully functioning product that was handled by dock professionals. We have the tools and expertise to make sure your dock is straight and level and up to your satisfaction.

Unassembled Delivered- Unassembled Delivered is the best choice for someone that wants the dock unassembled but may not be available to meet a shipping company at the time of delivery for unloading and accepting the product. This method costs slightly more than having it dropped shipped and it generally takes longer to receive the product as well. We basically deliver the dock ourselves according to our schedule.

Unassembled Picked Up- This choice is for a real do it yourselfer. The product is picked up at our facility by the customer unassembled. This is the most economical method. Please call and order your dock before traveling to our facility. We may not have what you need in stock.

Unassembled Drop Shipped- Having your product drop shipped can be the fastest way to get your dock. The dock is ordered through us but shipped directly from the manufacturer. This is done with a third party shipping company. You will need to meet the shipping company at your location to inspect and unload the dock. The dock can be broken down into small pieces to make it easier to unload.


Please feel free to call us at any time and we will walk you through the entire process!!

715 – 420 – 2442

Use our product price list to help determine the cost of your new dock. Also, pictures are attached to each item so you can determine what products are best for your application.

Once you have determined the products you want and how you want to take delivery, give us a call or email and we can walk you through the rest of the process.

There are many variations for every dock application so we will need to know a few things first:

With this information we can then process a quote for you. If you need assistance and would like someone to come out and measure your application, give us a call to set up an appointment. We can only provide this service for our local customers.

Please feel free to call us at any time and we will walk you through the entire process!!

715 – 420 – 2442


After you receive your quote and everything looks good, let us know you want to proceed. We usually do not take any down payment for your purchase. You pay us when we deliver your product or when you pick it up. Items that are being shipped will need to be paid for upfront.

When you are ready to pay for your purchase we take several forms of payment. We take personal checks, cash and credit card. We accept all major credit cards but we do charge a 3% convenience fee to do so. We are capable of taking credit cards in the field and over the phone.


Throughout the years we have perfected our installation process. We have developed our own tools to make the process as streamlined as possible. We assemble the dock and its accessories on your shoreline or in the water as necessary. We are capable of installing your dock in any condition. If necessary, we have a certified diver on staff with all necessary diving equipment for the worst of situations.


If you have decided to assemble your dock and accessories yourself we are always here to support you. Feel free to call us with any questions you may have. We have several assembly videos here for your use.

Please also print off and familiarize yourself with our assembly instructions.

How easy is it to assemble a Ryco dock?

Ryco docks are among the easiest to assemble. Frames come in one piece and require no assembly. The only assembly required is:

Most Ryco dock frames are ready to install in the water in five minutes.